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Trinity United Reformed Church (Sheffield, United Kingdom)

Trinity United Reformed Church

Sheffield, United Kingdom (1971-1975)

Ramot Polin complex (Jerusalem, Israel)

Ramot Polin complex

Jerusalem, Israel (1972-1975)

Centre Benjamin Franklin (Compiègne, France)

Centre Benjamin Franklin

Compiègne, France (1975)

St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital (Chicago, United States)

St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital

Chicago, United States (1975)

WestLB Offices (Düsseldorf, Germany)

WestLB Offices

Düsseldorf, Germany (1969-1975)

Tribunal Constitucional (Madrid, Spain)

Tribunal Constitucional

Madrid, Spain (1975)

Complexe Sportif René-Doriant (Montreuil, France)

Complexe Sportif René-Doriant

Montreuil, France (1975-1984)

Alliance Building (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Alliance Building

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1975)