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Stade Bauer (St-Ouen, France)

Stade Bauer

St-Ouen, France (1975)

Walden 7 (Barcelona, Spain)

Walden 7

Barcelona, Spain (1970-1975)

Central Bank of Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)

Central Bank of Ireland

Dublin, Ireland (1975)

Espace Jean Renaudie (Aubervilliers, France)

Espace Jean Renaudie

Aubervilliers, France (1975-1986)

La Maladrerie (Aubervilliers, France)

La Maladrerie

Aubervilliers, France (1975-1986)

Résidence Kalouguine (Angers, France)

Résidence Kalouguine

Angers, France (1972-1975)

Thamesgate Shopping Centre & Car Park (Gravesend, United Kingdom)

Thamesgate Shopping Centre & Car Park

Gravesend, United Kingdom (1975)

Palmas 555 (Mexico City, Mexico)

Palmas 555

Mexico City, Mexico (1975)

Planète Z (St Ouen, France)

Planète Z

St Ouen, France (1975)