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Ashington House (London, United Kingdom)

Ashington House

London, United Kingdom (1971)

Crucible Theatre (Sheffield, United Kingdom)

Crucible Theatre

Sheffield, United Kingdom (1971)

Derwent Tower (Dunston, United Kingdom)

Derwent Tower

Dunston, United Kingdom (1968-1971)

Brixton Recreation Centre (London, United Kingdom)

Brixton Recreation Centre

London, United Kingdom (1971-1985)

Savoy Centre (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

Savoy Centre

Glasgow, United Kingdom (1971-1979)

Institute of Foreign Languages (Phnom Pehn, Cambodia)

Institute of Foreign Languages

Phnom Pehn, Cambodia (1965-1971)

Tour Fontainebleau (Neuilly Sur Marne, France)

Tour Fontainebleau

Neuilly Sur Marne, France (1971-1972)

Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno

Buenos Aires, Argentina (1971-1992)

Zalman Aranne Central Library (Beersheva, Israel)

Zalman Aranne Central Library

Beersheva, Israel (1971)