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Institute of Foreign Languages (Phnom Pehn, Cambodia)

Institute of Foreign Languages

Phnom Pehn, Cambodia (1965-1971)

Tour Fontainebleau (Neuilly Sur Marne, France)

Tour Fontainebleau

Neuilly Sur Marne, France (1971-1972)

Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno

Buenos Aires, Argentina (1971-1992)

Zalman Aranne Central Library (Beersheva, Israel)

Zalman Aranne Central Library

Beersheva, Israel (1971)

Église du Christ Ressuscité de Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France)

Église du Christ Ressuscité de Strasbourg

Strasbourg, France (1969-1971)

Government Service Center (Boston, United States)

Government Service Center

Boston, United States (1966-1971)

Scott Library (Toronto, Canada)

Scott Library

Toronto, Canada (1968-1971)

La Grande Borne (Grigny, France)

La Grande Borne

Grigny, France (1967-1971)

Auditorium Maurice Ravel (Lyon, France)

Auditorium Maurice Ravel

Lyon, France (1971-1975)