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St. Patrick's College (Wellington, New Zealand)

St. Patrick's College

Wellington, New Zealand (1979)

Banco do Brasil (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Banco do Brasil

Porto Alegre, Brazil

National Library of New Zealand (Wellington, New Zealand)

National Library of New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand (1987)

Ismaili Centre (London, United Kingdom)

Ismaili Centre

London, United Kingdom (1979-1985)

Torri di Zacchiroli (Bologna, Italy)

Torri di Zacchiroli

Bologna, Italy (1980)

Lancastrian Hall & Central Library (Swinton, United Kingdom)

Lancastrian Hall & Central Library

Swinton, United Kingdom (1969-1970)

Beehive (Wellington, New Zealand)


Wellington, New Zealand (1969-1981)

Mixed use building (Zaragoza, Spain)

Mixed use building

Zaragoza, Spain