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Royal Liverpool University Hospital (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Liverpool, United Kingdom (1963-1978)

Palace of Culture and Sports (Varna, Bulgaria)

Palace of Culture and Sports

Varna, Bulgaria (1966-1968)

Chiesa di San Giuseppe (Arbedo Castione, Switzerland)

Chiesa di San Giuseppe

Arbedo Castione, Switzerland (1969)

Caisse Desjardins (Montreal, Canada)

Caisse Desjardins

Montreal, Canada (1965-1966)

Ivan Wilson Hall (Bowling Green, United States)

Ivan Wilson Hall

Bowling Green, United States (1970-1973)

Murray Library (Saskatoon, Canada)

Murray Library

Saskatoon, Canada (1970)

Poste Berri (Montreal, Canada)

Poste Berri

Montreal, Canada (1960)

Miyakojima city hall (Miyakojima, Japan)

Miyakojima city hall

Miyakojima, Japan