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Tribeca Synagogue (New York, United States)

Tribeca Synagogue

New York, United States (1967)

Daily Herald Building (Chicago, United States)

Daily Herald Building

Chicago, United States (1977-1982)

Knights of Columbus Museum (New Haven, United States)

Knights of Columbus Museum

New Haven, United States (1965)

Enlisted Quarters for Naval Station (San Francisco, United States)

Enlisted Quarters for Naval Station

San Francisco, United States

Northwestern University Library (Evanston, United States)

Northwestern University Library

Evanston, United States (1966-1970)

Federal Reserve Building (Denver, United States)

Federal Reserve Building

Denver, United States (1968)

Morris A. Mechanic Theatre (Baltimore, United States)

Morris A. Mechanic Theatre

Baltimore, United States (1967)

River City (Chicago, United States)

River City

Chicago, United States (1984-1986)

Columbia Savings (Los Angeles, United States)

Columbia Savings

Los Angeles, United States (1965)