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Royal Liverpool University Hospital (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Liverpool, United Kingdom (1963-1978)

Anglia Square (Norwich, United Kingdom)

Anglia Square

Norwich, United Kingdom (1964-1970)

Royal Mail Sorting Office (Northampton, United Kingdom)

Royal Mail Sorting Office

Northampton, United Kingdom (1981)

Monklands Leisure Centre (Coatbridge, United Kingdom)

Monklands Leisure Centre

Coatbridge, United Kingdom (1977)

The Boilerhouse Project (Melrose, United Kingdom)

The Boilerhouse Project

Melrose, United Kingdom (1977)

St Mark’s Methodist Church (London, United Kingdom)

St Mark’s Methodist Church

London, United Kingdom (1937)

Edmonton Green Shopping Centre (London, United Kingdom)

Edmonton Green Shopping Centre

London, United Kingdom (1974)

Buckinghamshire County Hall (Aylesbury, United Kingdom)

Buckinghamshire County Hall

Aylesbury, United Kingdom (1966)

Central Church (Torquay, United Kingdom)

Central Church

Torquay, United Kingdom (1976)