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Murray Library (Saskatoon, Canada)

Murray Library

Saskatoon, Canada (1970)

Samuel Paley Library (Philadelphia, United States)

Samuel Paley Library

Philadelphia, United States (1966)

Oita Art Plaza (Oita, Japan)

Oita Art Plaza

Oita, Japan (1962-1966)

National Library of New Zealand (Wellington, New Zealand)

National Library of New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand (1987)

Lancastrian Hall & Central Library (Swinton, United Kingdom)

Lancastrian Hall & Central Library

Swinton, United Kingdom (1969-1970)

Northwestern University Library (Evanston, United States)

Northwestern University Library

Evanston, United States (1966-1970)

Glendale Central Library (Glendale, United States)

Glendale Central Library

Glendale, United States (1973)

The Slovak National Archive (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The Slovak National Archive

Bratislava, Slovakia (1976-1983)

Harrow Manorway, Thamesmead (London, United Kingdom)

Harrow Manorway, Thamesmead

London, United Kingdom (1968-1971)