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Housing (New York, United States)


New York, United States (1972)

Robin Hood Gardens (London, United Kingdom)

Robin Hood Gardens

London, United Kingdom (1972)

Boyd Orr Building (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

Boyd Orr Building

Glasgow, United Kingdom (1972)

Bierpinsel (Berlin, Germany)


Berlin, Germany (1972-1976)

Edmonton  Law Courts (Edmonton, Canada)

Edmonton Law Courts

Edmonton, Canada (1972)

Terneuzen City Hall (Terneuzen, Netherlands)

Terneuzen City Hall

Terneuzen, Netherlands (1964-1972)

University of South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa)

University of South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa (1972-1983)

Tour Fontainebleau (Neuilly Sur Marne, France)

Tour Fontainebleau

Neuilly Sur Marne, France (1971-1972)

Résidence Casanova (Ivry-sur-Seine, France)

Résidence Casanova

Ivry-sur-Seine, France (1972)