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Knights of Columbus Museum (New Haven, United States)

Knights of Columbus Museum

New Haven, United States (1965)

Église Saint-Dominique (Nîmes, France)

Église Saint-Dominique

Nîmes, France (1965)

78 South Hill Park (London, United Kingdom)

78 South Hill Park

London, United Kingdom (1965)

Total Carpark (Melbourne, Australia)

Total Carpark

Melbourne, Australia (1965)

Towers Hall (Loughbourough, United Kingdom)

Towers Hall

Loughbourough, United Kingdom (1964-1965)

Columbia Savings (Los Angeles, United States)

Columbia Savings

Los Angeles, United States (1965)

Shoreditch Fire Station (London, United Kingdom)

Shoreditch Fire Station

London, United Kingdom (1965)

Pavillon Claire-McNicoll (Montreal, Canada)

Pavillon Claire-McNicoll

Montreal, Canada (1962-1965)

Academic Quadrangle (Burnaby, Canada)

Academic Quadrangle

Burnaby, Canada (1964-1965)