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Ilfracombe Tourist Information Centre (Ilfracombe, United Kingdom)

Ilfracombe Tourist Information Centre

Ilfracombe, United Kingdom

Grosvenor Estate (London, United Kingdom)

Grosvenor Estate

London, United Kingdom (1928-1930)

St Michael's Cathedral (Coventry, United Kingdom)

St Michael's Cathedral

Coventry, United Kingdom (1956-1962)

Wyndham Court (Southampton, United Kingdom)

Wyndham Court

Southampton, United Kingdom (1970)

Portsmouth Central Library (Portsmouth, United Kingdom)

Portsmouth Central Library

Portsmouth, United Kingdom (1976)

Balfron Tower (London, United Kingdom)

Balfron Tower

London, United Kingdom (1965-1967)

Park Hill (Sheffield, United Kingdom)

Park Hill

Sheffield, United Kingdom (1957-1961)

Leeds School of Media and Communication (Leeds, United Kingdom)

Leeds School of Media and Communication

Leeds, United Kingdom (1970)

Battleship Building (London, United Kingdom)

Battleship Building

London, United Kingdom (1969)