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Pacific Gas and Electric Company (San Francisco, United States)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

San Francisco, United States (1973)

Meda Pharma Laboratory (Merignac, France)

Meda Pharma Laboratory

Merignac, France (1966)

Le Silo Portuaire (Saint-Nazaire, France)

Le Silo Portuaire

Saint-Nazaire, France (1972)

Windsor Telstra Exchange (Melbourne, Australia)

Windsor Telstra Exchange

Melbourne, Australia

Mozinor (Montreuil, France)


Montreuil, France (1972)

Water Tower (Fargo, United States)

Water Tower

Fargo, United States

Keroman II (former U-boat base) (Lorient, France)

Keroman II (former U-boat base)

Lorient, France (1941-1942)