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Mixed use building (Zaragoza, Spain)

Mixed use building

Zaragoza, Spain

Les Étoiles (Ivry-sur-seine, France)

Les Étoiles

Ivry-sur-seine, France (1969-1972)

Shops and Offices (Dunajská Streda, Slovakia)

Shops and Offices

Dunajská Streda, Slovakia

Le Fidji (Bâtiment 1) (La Grande Motte, France)

Le Fidji (Bâtiment 1)

La Grande Motte, France (1971)

Centre des Finances Publiques (Ivry Sur Seine, France)

Centre des Finances Publiques

Ivry Sur Seine, France (1987)

Les Eiders (Paris, France)

Les Eiders

Paris, France (1981)

Palmas 555 (Mexico City, Mexico)

Palmas 555

Mexico City, Mexico (1975)

Vasileostrovets, Garazhnyy Kooperativ (St Petersburg, Russia)

Vasileostrovets, Garazhnyy Kooperativ

St Petersburg, Russia (1985)