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The Interlace (Singapore, Singapore)

The Interlace

Singapore, Singapore (2013)

Îlot Renaudie (Saint-Denis, France)

Îlot Renaudie

Saint-Denis, France (1980)

Aylesbury Estate (London, United Kingdom)

Aylesbury Estate

London, United Kingdom (1963-1977)

La Pléïade (Toulouse, France)

La Pléïade

Toulouse, France (1975)

Pokfulam Road Cemetery (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Pokfulam Road Cemetery

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

La Maladrerie (Aubervilliers, France)

La Maladrerie

Aubervilliers, France (1975-1986)

The Leas & Welfare Insurance Building (Folkestone, United Kingdom)

The Leas & Welfare Insurance Building

Folkestone, United Kingdom (1971)

Slavy Blvd, 10 (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Slavy Blvd, 10

Dnipro, Ukraine