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Samuel Paley Library (Philadelphia, United States)

Samuel Paley Library

Philadelphia, United States (1966)

Oita Art Plaza (Oita, Japan)

Oita Art Plaza

Oita, Japan (1962-1966)

National Library of New Zealand (Wellington, New Zealand)

National Library of New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand (1987)

Lancastrian Hall & Central Library (Swinton, United Kingdom)

Lancastrian Hall & Central Library

Swinton, United Kingdom (1969-1970)

Northwestern University Library (Evanston, United States)

Northwestern University Library

Evanston, United States (1966-1970)

Glendale Central Library (Glendale, United States)

Glendale Central Library

Glendale, United States (1973)

The Slovak National Archive (Bratislava, Slovakia)

The Slovak National Archive

Bratislava, Slovakia (1976-1983)

Harrow Manorway, Thamesmead (London, United Kingdom)

Harrow Manorway, Thamesmead

London, United Kingdom (1968-1971)

Archivo di Stato (Florence, Italy)

Archivo di Stato

Florence, Italy (1978-1986)