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Total Carpark (Melbourne, Australia)

Total Carpark

Melbourne, Australia (1965)

Mixed use building (Zaragoza, Spain)

Mixed use building

Zaragoza, Spain

La Maladrerie (Aubervilliers, France)

La Maladrerie

Aubervilliers, France (1975-1986)

Gas station (Tirana, Albania)

Gas station

Tirana, Albania

Dnepropetrovsk Hotel (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Dnepropetrovsk Hotel

Dnipro, Ukraine

Dom Handlowy (Mlawa, Poland)

Dom Handlowy

Mlawa, Poland (1956-1963)

The Pearl (Newcastle, United Kingdom)

The Pearl

Newcastle, United Kingdom

Marché Victor Hugo (Toulouse, France)

Marché Victor Hugo

Toulouse, France (1958)

Les Étoiles (Ivry-sur-seine, France)

Les Étoiles

Ivry-sur-seine, France (1969-1972)