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Carrefour Créteil Soleil (Créteil, France)

Carrefour Créteil Soleil

Créteil, France (1974)

Total Carpark (Melbourne, Australia)

Total Carpark

Melbourne, Australia (1965)

Mixed use building (Zaragoza, Spain)

Mixed use building

Zaragoza, Spain

La Maladrerie (Aubervilliers, France)

La Maladrerie

Aubervilliers, France (1975-1986)

Gas station (Tirana, Albania)

Gas station

Tirana, Albania

Dnepropetrovsk Hotel (Dnipro, Ukraine)

Dnepropetrovsk Hotel

Dnipro, Ukraine

Dom Handlowy (Mlawa, Poland)

Dom Handlowy

Mlawa, Poland (1956-1963)

The Pearl (Newcastle, United Kingdom)

The Pearl

Newcastle, United Kingdom

Marché Victor Hugo (Toulouse, France)

Marché Victor Hugo

Toulouse, France (1958)