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Buffalo Savings & Loan (houston, United States)

Buffalo Savings & Loan

houston, United States

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Skopje, Macedonia)

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Skopje, Macedonia (1973-1977)

25th May Sport Centre (Belgrade, Serbia)

25th May Sport Centre

Belgrade, Serbia (1973)

Footscray Psychiatric Hospital (Melbourne, Australia)

Footscray Psychiatric Hospital

Melbourne, Australia (1973-1977)

Mont-sur-Marchienne water tower (Mont-sur-Marchienne, Belgium)

Mont-sur-Marchienne water tower

Mont-sur-Marchienne, Belgium (1973)

Police station Mons/Quévy (Mons, Belgium)

Police station Mons/Quévy

Mons, Belgium (1971-1973)

Église Sainte-Claire (Rouen, France)

Église Sainte-Claire

Rouen, France (1973)

Morskoy Vokzal Passenger Port (St Petersburg, Russia)

Morskoy Vokzal Passenger Port

St Petersburg, Russia (1973-1983)